Facebook is a giant online social network and digital marketing site. This is a strategic market position that aligns the organization’s vision and mission statement with social relations. Vision refers to the conditions that the company wants to realize. Facebook’s vision statement, for instance, guides the company to focus on efforts that support corporate effectiveness and internal growth of the business. Similarly, an organization’s corporate mission statement outlines the actions and requirements necessary to attain the vision. In this case, the tactics and strategies to develop and grow Facebook are determined by its mission statement. By consistently focusing on the corporate vision and mission statements, Facebook Inc. identifies and uses its strengths to promote a robust business leadership and culture to tap into the opportunities that exist in the global market.  The opportunities in the international market environment comprise of online social networking as well as related internet marketing services.

What is the Business?

Facebook business model entails advertisements of products, services or real business via online marketing. The platform allows users to connect and share insights about particular products offered in the market or ads posted online. The opportunities for companies to make online sales on Facebook are unlimited. One can get a following around a particular brand by simply creating a page where the target group can discuss the product or even share a word about the qualities of the same.

Creating a Facebook business strategy is an important aspect of every business, and in the process of doing so, it is mandatory to think through carefully what can be achieved. A business’ goal, for instance, could be to create ads and drive traffic to a specific site where customers can make a purchase or simply the need to drive traffic to a Facebook page where users can like and share posts of what the business intends to sell to its clients. Many businesses combine both choices to obtain maximum benefits from the platform.

Who is the Customer?

Facebook is a company that offers online marketing services to other businesses. While users are the ones that visit the platform, they are not the customers. However, customers are the businesses that are willing to pay some agreed amount of money for their ads to appear on the platform. The platform establishes a link between producers and consumers, or sellers and buyers. So, one can make a sale by just creating a post or an ad on Facebook and letting the target audience access the product.

What Does the Customer Value?

Customer value on Facebook is determined by the number of purchases or sale of a product. If a customer trusts Facebook platform to advertise a given product, it is expected that the ad attracts sufficient clicks and impressions to members who will be willing to pay for the product. The ultimate customer value will be an increase in brand or product awareness, sales or contracts and also additional profits after using the digital marketing platform.

What is the Value Proposition of the Company?

The company’s value proposition varies between users and businesses. Users, for instance, get value from Facebook as a social utility that connects individuals. They, therefore, share ideas, and information with each other. On the other hand, businesses get value through digital marketing of their products. Therefore, the businesses target users with ads to obtain direct conversion on sales.

Finally, the role of Facebook in online marketing can never be under-estimated. Businesses, for instance, depends on Facebook to reach out to some of their customers.  Even though, the site and its related applications connects people from all walks of life, the platform will forever remain key digital marketing entity.